Essential information about Moraira

If you need medical services during your holiday in Moraira, here is some useful information on pharmacies and hospitals in the area. Additionally, you will also find information on opening times and tips.


Pharmacies/chemists take turns in Moraira operating an after-hours service. Signs are posted outside all pharmacies letting you know when and where the nearest one is, that offers an after-hours service.

Hospitals and clinics

There are both public and private medical facilities in Moraira. Many of the larger ones have English speaking staff. The nearest large public hospital is situated in Denia, the Hospital Marina Salud Denia. It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Moraira’s town centre. For free public health care, you need to have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Without valid health insurance, private health care can be very expensive in Moraira. Plan accordingly.

Opening hours

Most shops and businesses are open from Monday through to Saturday from 9:30 to 13:30 and from 16:30 to 20:00. Many smaller shops close on Saturday afternoons. The bigger shopping centres and supermarkets are open from 10:00 to 21:00 without closing for lunch. They are also sometimes open on Sundays. During the high season some shops stay open past 22:00.


Do you tip in Spain? Tipping is common in Spain. It is not necessary, when buying a drink or having a ‘Menu de Dia’. When it comes to a mid-level or expensive restaurant, things are slightly different. But there are no 10% rules or anything like it in Spain; the Spanish may leave whatever small change they have in their pockets.

Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies contact information

Hospital Marina Salud Denia

Large public hospital situated in Denia. The regional hospital serves the region of Marina Alta and also offers an emergency service. Partida Beniadlà, 03700 Denia Phone: +34 966 429 000 Web: Email: [email protected]

Moraira Clinic

Private clinic located near the city centre. For appointments call +34 966 490 707. Carretera Moraira-Teulada 42, Teulada Phone: +34 629 673 070 Web: Email: [email protected]

International Clinic Moraira

Small private clinic near the beach. English speaking staff. Call the land-line +34 966 491 259 for an appointment. Closed on Sundays. Carretera Moraira-Calpe, 124, 03724 Moraira Phone: +34 966 491 259 Web: Email: [email protected]

Pharmacy Pol Yanguas – Amparo Fuster Camps

Pharmacy is situated near the International clinic. Carretera Moraira A Calpe, 116, Teulada-Moraira. Phone: +966 490 055


Most Spanish banks have a branch in Moraira. All banks have Cashpoint machines. Normal banking hours are 9:00 until 14:00, Monday to Friday.
Travel agencies who will change money or provide cash against a credit card stay open until 20:00 in the summer.

The Post Office in Moraira town is in the El Forti building on the El Portet road.
There is no door-to-door postal delivery services except in the town and the central town area of Moraira.


There are call boxes everywhere, some accept coins and credit cards. Many bars and restaurants in Moraira have telephones for the convenience of customers with coin boxes.
There is a telephone and fax office, which is located towards the bottom of c/ Dr Catalud near the church.
For international calls dial 00 (for connection to the international system), then the country code (e.g. 44 connects to U.K.) and then the number as normal – BUT MINUS the first zero in front of the area code.
To call a Spanish number from abroad you simply dial the international prefix (which is now 00 in most countries) followed by the country code for Spain (34) and then the full local number. e.g. – to call Villa Holiday Services from the UK: 00 34 965744096.

Police “Services” on the Roads

When driving please remember that Spain has just introduced new traffic laws which come into line with the rest of the European Community. In particular remember that seat belts and crash helmets now have to be worn and that the drinking and driving laws are strict, and the penalties as severe as in other countries. The car documents must be carried at all times and these are the “Ficha Tecnica”, “Permiso de Circulación” and a valid insurance certificate. Also, in the case of a hire car, there must be a valid contract for hire with alternative NAMED drivers and the driving licence of the person behind the wheel. If the licence is a normal British one (without the holder’s photo for identification) then a passport must be carried as well. At the time of writing there has been much said in the Spanish press about the large number of vehicles on the roads without proper documentation and the Guardia Civil are making regular spot checks. If you are stopped without documents it is not simply a case of production at the nearest police station within 5 days. There is a mandatory deposit of 300 Euros against the production of the papers in Alicante within 7 days and in the case of lack of funds, insurance or a driving licence, you could be walking. The Guardia Civil have access from their vehicles to the national computer which holds records of all Spanish drivers and vehicles but of course this does not include any visitors. Particular care should be taken when approaching road junctions and roundabouts in respect of the right of way. If there is the international red triangle sign a broad white line or the usual white triangle painted on the road then you must stop COMPLETELY – even if there is no other vehicle in sight. There could be a Guardia Civil, ready to fine you on the spot, hidden behind a wall.


If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident then the procedure is the same as anywhere. If anyone is injured or there is damage (other than to the vehicles involved) then the police MUST be called and the vehicles not moved until they arrive. This could be either the Guardia Civil or the Municipal Police. Even if there are no injuries and you suspect that the other driver has been drinking or does not have the correct documents then it is wise to call the police anyway.

The Guardia Civil

Spain is like any other country and petty crime, unfortunately, is a fact of life. Be as wary on holiday as you would be at home. Lock your villa, even when you are outside around the pool, do not leave luggage, handbags, cameras or other valuables in your unattended car and ensure that it is always locked. In crowded areas, particularly street markets, keep your bag closed and in front of you, not hung over your shoulder. Please don’t have your wallet on display i.e. visible in your back pocket – an open invitation to pickpockets! If you are unlucky enough to be robbed you should go to the Guardia Civil and make a statement, as this would be required in order to claim against your holiday insurance. Few police stations have an interpreter, so it is always best to find out first if you don’t speak Spanish. If your passport is stolen you would have to obtain a temporary travel document from the British consular offices in Alicante. If you lose travellers cheques or credit cards, please remember to have them stopped or cancelled immediately.




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